“This page was intentionally left blank.”

A sentence that’s all too familiar to the avid book reader, it holds a certain enchantment—it promises the anticipation of an adventure that’s set to unfold within the pages to come. It holds endless possibilities, providing the reader with the opportunity to clear their mind in anticipation of new information, new perspectives, and new experiences. And it’s for these very reasons that it also happens to be the inspiration behind our organization’s name.

So, what is “The Blank Page”? It’s an online platform where youth and young adults share information, pursue new opportunities, and delve beyond their limitations through the written, digital, and artistic form. Perhaps you’re passionate, but question your skill. Perhaps you want to voice your thoughts, but lack a safe space. Or perhaps you’ve just been waiting for the perfect opportunity to share your work. Then, why not start here?

As a growing platform, “The Blank Page” is always looking for new perspectives, issues, and initiatives to supplement this growth, and you—the creators, artists, and audience—are the ones who will help us do just that. Join us as we flip open to a new page and subscribe to our mailing list to stay up to date and hear about other exciting news.

We’re thrilled to have you embark on this adventure with us.