Do you ever read a book that you connect to so much that you feel like it was written specifically for you?

I sat down and read Queens of Geek in two hours without moving. That was not my plan, I just got so engrossed in the story and characters that I could not bring myself to stop reading.

My only complaint: I wish it was longer.

Jen Wilde did an incredible job captivating the reader to want to know more and more about the characters and the story.

This issue of diversity in Young Adult fiction is prevalent. Many book bloggers and reviewers have committed their blogs to promoting representation in books. Queens of Geek was highly recommended to me by many reviewers who raved about the positive representation and diversity written in this story, and it was for this reason that I was drawn to this book.

The representation in this book is definitely positive, well done, and refreshing, with representation of bisexuality, Autism (Aspergers), anxiety and more. All of these aspects fit so well with the characters and the story making it seem so incredibly realistic.

The characters, especially the protagonists Taylor and Charlie, are written to have flaws, but recognize their flaws and continue to learn from their mistakes. This writing created such an amazing cast of characters that Wilde wrote with her talent for such incredible character development.

As the title suggests with the term ‘Geek’, this book is full of nerd culture and everything geeky, and it’s so much fun! Lovers of fan conventions, fandoms, movies, and TV would connect with all the references in Queens of Geek.

I’m a lover of conventions and every aspect of fandom that this book details. Reading about these things that I enjoy so much in my own life was pretty amazing. The environment and mood of a convention is filled with so much positivity and fun, and that whole mood translated into the book perfectly. It will leave a reader who relates to the love for the “nerdy/geeky” culture jealous of the experiences the characters have.

One thing that caught my attention that I wished was more expanded on in the novel was the aspect of Charlie having quite the following from her YouTube channel, and then being cast in a major, popular film.

The backstory of Charlie and her growth to fame wasn’t touched on very often. Charlie’s YouTube channel led to one of the major conflicts of the novel, but yet there is very little explanation of what she actually does with her channel, how she manages it, or how it has contributed to her rise in followers.

The intersectionality of this book is great, and I hope to see more like it. It’s truly refreshing to read a book like this one, especially when you can relate to the characters so much. I hope more and more people pick up this book and give it a try.

By Lauren Stevens