Intuitively, I recognize the healing properties of walking barefoot on the damp, cool grass. I look up, gazing at the tall, magnificent trees and I surrender to the sounds that soothe my soul. The further I walk, the more I feel every morsel of stale, old energy lift up from inside me and vanish into this magnificent and stable existence. I witness that the trees have deep, established roots in the earth and yet they are given every source of life to flourish from where they are. It is here where I reflect and sense what the beautiful earth I stand upon and what each living being in this place gives.

Trees give a place of reflection and awe, and a place to surrender. It is here where I observe freedom. The place of endless giving. Whenever I feel distracted by our materialistic world, I head straight to the trees or the river. I begin to walk and feel neutralized. I feel the energy counterbalancing and calming me like a soothing wave caressing the sea shore. It is here where I close my eyes and listen. I focus my awareness on the sounds of the trees and the water gently rippling against the rocks. I tune into the stillness of nature. I tune into the stillness of my spirit without distraction. It is within these very moments in which I connect with the true essence of who I am.


It is within nature that I find self-awareness, rejuvenation, restoration, and renewal. When I reflect during this time and take notice of the small and intricate details of the earth, I notice beauty. Among the chaos that goes on every day, there is beauty if we look for it. It is there. Through this extraordinary observation, I begin to feel grateful. I begin to look for this beauty everywhere.

During my discovery, I begin to feel grateful for the clean air, the way the sun is rising on the way to work while I am stuck in traffic, and the way the sound of the trees are welcoming me to a new day. It is when I am grateful for the small things that I feel happiness. It is within recognition of these little things that are created in such a divine design that I feel ultimate peace. Knowing that you nor I could create such complex and vast miracles that I learn to surrender.

One particular day, I ended up in the most beautiful location I had ever seen. I remember standing in front of these tall mountains and the most extraordinary,
coloured glacier water. I had only dreamt of this place. Never had I imagined being here. I remember taking deep breaths of air as tears trailed down my face. The gratitude I felt for being here alone filled my heart. As I looked up in awe at the mountains, I realized how small I was compared to this world. How minuscule my little thoughts were, although I imagined them to be so enormous. My worries, my anxiety, and my issues were but a speck compared to the eminence that stood before me. And even still, they are small compared to the universe.

Every day, you become lost in the noise. The noise of cars, music, and an endless cycle of thoughts. It is within nature where the world stops. You are emptying your cup that is filled to the brim with worry, anxiety, and chaos. It is here, in the trees, where you disconnect from the materialistic world into stillness.

 I have learned to take deep breaths while walking through the trees, filling my lungs with the divine element of a pure creation. It is through the stillness I remember that with my little eyes I can see the world, and with my ears that I can hear the sounds of the trees and streams. With my skin, I have the ability to feel the soft wind. It is by walking and surrendering, emptying my full cup and filling it with gratitude, that life’s greatest virtues will pour into my heart like the sun beaming down through the trees guiding my every footstep to a path of complete fulfillment and purpose. 

By Theresa Carter

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