Very few children take interest in the idea of nutrition. Healthy snacks are imposed, exercise is only seen as the adult hobby, and vegetables are loathed. Fast forward to adolescence, a time when young people are at war with their body image. At this stage, teens start to grapple with the idea of weight loss or addition, counting calories, and putting distance between themselves and junk food. Of course, this is mostly done for the sake of raising one’s self esteem. Yet, it isn’t until early adulthood that eating healthy becomes not only a source of confidence, but also a source of security and comfort. We become comforted by the idea that we’re putting time and effort in nurturing our bodies in the best possible way. Nutrition has always been attributed to the difference between being “skinny” or “fat”, yet rather, it is the difference between being “healthy” or “unhealthy”. Instead of it being a chore, for many, maintaining a healthy diet becomes a lifestyle and investment for the future, hindering health related illnesses. So, why else does living a healthy life matter? Here’s why:

It’s part of fulfilling your potential

As humans, we have been blessed with not only our ability to feel and think, but also with our ability to do. We’ve been given the opportunity to freely learn and grow in every possible way, from our intellect to our intrinsic being. Even if one is cut off from these freedoms, as a human, they still have the drive, and therefore the potential to become better. We can become better citizens, better daughters and sons, better students, and we can especially become better at treating our bodies. Our bodies are malleable and built to be strengthened, so why not fulfill their potential and make not only your mind strong, but your body strong as well? A healthy body leads to a happier you.

Treat your mind well, but the body that houses it even better

This goes back to the idea of potential. Everyday, we do things to better ourselves and grow, even if we’re unaware of it. We constantly work on building our mind, yet we tend to forget that our exterior is as important as our interior. In fact, our exterior becomes a manifestation of our interior and vice versa. If we are happy and satisfied with our exterior, we’ll find ourselves much happier on the inside.

Modern day life can be too toxic

We live in an increasingly modern world where everything we want is only a click/ dollar/ action away. We’re always so busy and caught up in life that we tend to always search for the easiest means to gain something; be it the most efficient way to complete a task or the easiest way to grab a meal. Unfortunately, in many cases, these easily accessible things tend to be the most harmful. For example, fast food. A quick meal, fast food is what people gravitate towards when they are hungry and looking for an easy solution. Healthy food options become secondary because they are hard to come by and they cost much more. To add to this lack of health, the hectic nature of life forces people to stray away/ not abide by a routine fitness or health schedule. Our health and nutrition section aims to address these obstacles, and hopefully provide you with a solution amidst your busy life.

Here’s what I propose: we should start welcoming the words “healthy living” into our lives and start viewing it as something positive and life changing rather than something tedious and unwanted. Remember back in elementary school, when gym was your favorite subject? How about you start viewing exercise that way? Remember when you were forced to eat your fruits and vegetables? Why don’t you bring them back into your diet? Start looking at the good that comes from taking steps towards a healthier, and in turn, happier lifestyle.

By Zahraa Saab

Please note that opinions expressed are the author’s own. They do not necessarily reflect the views and values of The Blank Page.