Whether it is your urge to tap your foot along to the beat of a song or the annoying song refusing to leave your mind, music has purpose. It is a sincere expression of human emotion, experience, personality, and lifestyle.

Though the music industry is a vehicle for profit, the way people interact with the music we listen to and create should not be forgotten. I firmly believe regardless of the content within the music or meaning behind it, all music is purposeful.

Music accounts for a profoundly gigantic portion of human culture. It is an alluring medium, revealing itself in many different styles. We use this art form to protest, to promote, to appreciate, and to progress. Music illustrates our identity, our emotions, and our thinking. We also use it to travel across time by chiming in on conversations of the past and sparking conversations waiting to be created. Hip Hop highlights this.

During its inception and rise to prominence in America, the genre was used to spawn and spread social statements. Artists like Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five, Tupac Shakur, NWA and Ice-T to name a few used rap to voice a need for change. Today, we see artists like Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole emulating this.

Rock and Metal are genres born from a sense of rebellion, aggression, and strength. Pop has been a platform to primarily reach people’s emotions regarding relationships and romance. Musicians also collaborate for charity with songs like, “We Are The World” by USA for Africa, and the more recent, “We Are The World 25 for Haiti” by Artists for Haiti.

We must not let similar themes, sounds, and (at times) trivial lyrics distract us from the true importance of music.

In my life, music has been therapeutic and has helped me form who I am. Excluding being involved in my community, music was my largest outlet. Listening and creating music helped me express myself in ways words could not. Music is restorative; it helped shape my perspective of the world and my own identity. Being confident in my music and performing aided me in realizing my potential for everything in my future.

Many of us become consumed by the little things in life and although they bear importance, I believe music is best appreciated as a larger concept. It connects people; the sounds we create construct a platform we build on with every new pattern of notes.

Be adventurous in your search for new music; you’ll be amazed to see how it affects all other aspects of your lifestyle.

By Bobby Hristova

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